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Lisa Cadigan is a musician, theatre artist, and graphic designer in Gettysburg, PA. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Indiana University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Communications from James Madison University, and has completed coursework in music theory, music education, music history, vocal methods, piano methods and string methods as a guest student of Gettysburg College’s Sunderman Conservatory.

Around Adams County, you will often see Lisa performing with jazz ensemble, Pomona’s Trio. She completed the Music Together teacher training program in 2017, and is thrilled to be offering mixed-age classes through Adams County Music Makers as a program-in-residence at the Adams County Arts Council. She also enjoys teaching summer music camps at ACAC, where she serves as the volunteer chair of the marketing and development committee, a group she brought together while serving on ACAC’s board from 2013-2016.

Lisa Cadigan

Erica Werntz

As an instructor at Fairfield Area High School, Erica Werntz is motivated to teach because of her enthusiasm for her students and her belief that art can be used as a format for self-discovery. She believes in the notion that because art has no specific right or wrong answers it gives students the ability resolute their issues through trial and error. This in turn helps to keep them motivated while building self-esteem and self-worth.

She began her initial career interested in photography but her incessant need to create lead her to other mediums like paint, paper mache, glass work and ceramics. Of these mediums she is most fond of ceramics because of the unforgiving nature of the clay; “if you make something you’re not quite happy with you can ball it up and try again.” Ultimately her goal for teaching at the Adams County Arts Council is to create an environment where artists and students can learn from each other while cultivating an enriching experience where participants can grow in their specified mediums.

Elizabeth Spicer

As the director of the L.A. Performing Arts Academy, Elizabeth Spicer has dedicated 26 years to dance. While attending Slippery Rock College she majored in dance because her love for the form had goaded her to learn about its varying aspects. Hence, she took classes like choreography, theatre, music, and dance history. As an individual excited about the intricacies and frameworks of all dance mediums she is proficient in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, hip hop and acro. This has led her to work for top choreographers like David Howard and Frank Hatchett. During her time as director of the L.A. Performing Arts Academy her students have excelled tremendously earning awards in best choreography, best technique and best costumes.

Parents and students have raved about her enthusiastic demeanor and her hard work and dedication to her students “My daughter loves going to dance here. She has learned a lot in the past two years. She loves having Liz for a teacher; she works great with the girls!” Therefore, Elizabeth in Coordination with the Adams County Arts Council hope that through Ballerinas and Bears students are able to learn the basics of ballet and divulge themselves into dance’s artistic movement and style.

Linda Fauth

As a retired Home Economics teacher Linda Fauth now dedicates her time to teaching culinary and sewing classes across Adams County. She graduated from Albright College majoring in family and consumer science and has taught culinary and nutrition classes for over 30 years. She adopted her skills and love for the arts from her mother who was a seamstress and cook and she expressed, “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” She thought it was imperative that she share her knowledge with others around her so that people would understand the importance of dietary wellness.

She is confident and excited about the work her students produces and encourages them to reach their highest potential, “I always tell my students they should like their projects and finish them—I always stay after class to help students finish sewing their projects if need be.” She is an avid promoter of “Dining with Diabetes” and when she isn’t volunteering her time she works in coordination with Penn State Extension Service in hopes to promote healthy living. Her cooking and sewing classes are a hit at the Adams County Arts Council and her love for what she does is infectious and gets others excited about creating.

Joh Ricci

Joh Ricci is interested in exploring and understanding the world through the lens of a fiber artist. Her love for fiber arts was cultivated by her aunt who taught her how to crochet at the age of 8 years old and since then she’s dedicated ample time and effort to this medium. She graduated with a BFA from Kutztown University with a concentration in fibers and was encouraged by her professors to keep pursuing this passion. Her work often times depicts bright colors and the intricacies and craftsmanship of her knotted pieces are both taxing and rewarding. Through partnering with the Adams County Arts Council her weaving class will give students a chance to understand the value of detail and patience.

Brent Talbot

Brent Talbot is currently an Associate Professor at Gettysburg College and the director of the Gettysburg Children Choir and has devoted his life to music. He has taught at colleges and schools throughout the country where he emphasizes the way in which music can be used to fight and understand social issues and empower each other in hopes to create a unified environment for all. He is the author of ‘Finding a Way’, which tries to understand the compartmentalization of music and how it can be used to discover who we are in this world. His Master’s degree and P.H.D. are in music education and he is proficient in saxophone, piano, voice, percussion and gamelan. His love for teaching and enriching the minds of young adults has led him to enlightening students about the complexity of music and music theory in hopes of creating an positive change in the world.

Marc Jalbert

Marc M. Jalbert is the driving force of the newly minted non-profit, Bakewell Farm. For over twenty years, Jalbert has been artisan bread baker and owner of the Gettysburg Baking Co., Adams County, PA. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of Southern Maine and he has been a member of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America–conducting numerous baking classes through the Adams County Arts Council. His keen interest and use of design has guided him in a number of projects associated with the Gettysburg Baking Company. Over the years, the Adams County business community has recognized and awarded him for a number of these projects.

“My dream is to create a place that builds on my experience as a community bread baker and small business owner, while promoting the greater good for the Adams County community.”

Matt Carlson

Matt Carlson teaches vocal music in the Bermudian Springs School District (York Springs, PA). He received a B.S. in Music Education from Gettysburg College in 2013 and is currently enrolled in Michigan State University’s M.M. in Choral Conducting program. In his current position at the Bermudian Springs School District, Matt teaches high school choir, fourth grade general music and choir, and serves as music director for the spring musical. He is an active composer and arranger, whose music has been commissioned for and performed by the Gettysburg College Choir, Gettysburg Children’s Choir, the Adams County Junior High Honor Choir, and various chamber and instrumental ensembles.

Lisa Chu

Lisa Chu is an artist, illustrator, and visual storyteller based on Half Moon Bay, California. She discovered her ability and passion for art-making later in life, after being asked to make collage vision boards during her training as a life coach. What began as an activity that felt like going back to kindergarten has blossomed into a practice of every day being like kindergarten again. Lisa’s art offers whimsical interpretations of life coupled with deeper contemplation and observation of the magic all around us. She enjoys sharing her art and encouraging people of all ages to recognize and explore their own creative potential. Lisa was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, educated at Harvard University (A.B. in Biochemical Sciences) and at University of Michigan Medical School (M.D.), and spent her childhood touring the world as a performing violinist and pianist. She has worked as a venture capital investor, violin school founder, life coach, sound healer, body worker, REI salesperson, organic farm hand, and acoustic rock violinist.

Harley Weigle

How old are you? 22

Where are you from? Gettysburg, PA

Where did you live growing up? A small town called Heidlersburg

What’s your favorite color? Blue

What’s your favorite movie? Dr. Strange

How would you compare your high school self to your current self? How are they different or the same? I would say I was rather naïve but now I am still adventurous and think and expect the best of individuals.

What are some of your pet peeves? Lazy people and those who sniffle during flu season. Blow your nose!

What do you like to do in your free time? I’m making ceramics 97% of the time but I love family time and being out on or in the water.

What is your favorite book and why? Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes edited by Bill Jones