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2017 Summer Arts Camps for Kids

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Ballerinas & Bears, June 19-23, 9:30-11:30 am, ages 3-5
Beginner ballerinas and dancers learn ballet basics and movement, wear their favorite costumes, and have a dancing teddy bear party. (Each week has its own music and dance routine.) Elizabeth Spicer & Abbi Lowman $90 (member $81) Register

Ballerinas & Bears, August 7-11, 9:30-11:30 am, ages 3-5

Beginner ballerinas and dancers learn ballet basics and movement, wear their favorite costumes, and have a dancing teddy bear party. (Each week has its own music and dance routine.) Elizabeth Spicer & Abbi Lowman $90 (member $81) Register

Ballerinas & Bears, June 19-23 and August 7-11 with instructors Elizabeth Spicer and Abbi Lowman

Start with Art for Pre-Schoolers, July 10-14, 9:30-11:30 am, ages 4-5
Different daily theme! Students will explore art through music, stories, crafts, and themed snacks in the kitchen. It is a great way to cultivate imagination, learning skills, new friendships, and a lifelong passion for creativity. Ann Walsh $105 (member $95) Register

Let’s Make Music! July 24-28, 9:30-11:00 a.m. ages 4-5
During this exciting week, students will learn and sing new songs, dance, and play musical games. Activities will introduce musical concepts like beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, and dynamics. Lisa Cadigan, $71 (member $65) Register

Start with Art for Pre-Schoolers,July 10-14 with instructor Ann Walsh

Fiber Arts:

Sewing is Fun! June 12-16, 9-Noon, grades 4-6
A beginners’ class where students learn how to use the sewing machine and practice basic hand stitches. Projects will include a computer sleeve, pillow, and tote bag. Sewing machines and fabrics are provided. Linda Fauth $155 ($145 member) (Limited to 6) Registration closed.  If questions, call 717-334-5006.

Let’s Sew! Level 1½, June 12-16, 1-4 p.m. grades 5-7, limited to 6
For students with a little experience who want to have more fun with sewing. We will focus on stitching and increase your skill level with projects like a quilt square pillow, more elaborate tote bag, locker caddy, and apron. Instructor: Linda Fauth $155 (member $145) Register

Let’s Sew! Level 1½, June 12-16th with instructor Linda Fauth

Basketry for Kids, June 26-30, 1-4 pm, ages 9-12
Students construct unique and colorful basket designs, use traditional basket making materials as well as ordinary household items and recycled materials. Learn history of basket making from all around the world. Melissa Jackson, $155 (member $145) Register

Fun with Weaving, July 10-14, 9:30-12:30 p.m., 4-6th grade, max 10 students
Love yarn and color? Use them both in an expressive way and discover the ancient art of weaving. Create sample weavings using cardboard and 4-harness table top looms, plus create a woven bag on a loom you make yourself. Joh Ricci, $160 (member $150) Register

Visual Arts:

Paint a Sparkle Fish! June 5-9, ages 7-9, 9-Noon
Surf’s up! Paint fish in the big blue sea and add a little sand and sparkle to your theme. You will discover how to paint foreground and background while painting simple perspectives of your favorite beach and water creatures. Erica Werntz, $155 (member $145) Register

Be a Jedi Camp, July 10-14, 9-Noon, ages 8-10
May the arts be with you, Jedi Knights! Design and draw your own Jedi characters, create a mask and light saber, and work with fun materials like papier mache and metallic markers. Wear your art for the camp party! Stanley Gilmore, $155 (member $145) Register

Fashion Design & Drawing, July 17-21, 1-4 p.m., ages 11-14
Hey, fashionista, draw like a fashion designer using different themes and prompts for inspiration and new drawing techniques. Learn about shading, lighting, and costume history, too. Kim Robinson, $155 (member $145) Register

Fashion Design & Drawing, July 17-21 with instructor Kim Robinson

Artist Trading Cards Camp, July 17-21, 9-Noon, ages 11-14
Use all kinds of cool techniques and media to create artist cards to keep or trade. Your cards may feature animals, fantasy creatures, people, landscapes…the sky’s the limit!
Kim Robinson, $155 (member $145) Register

Painting like the Masters, July 17-21, 9-Noon, ages 7-10
Learn about great artists; when they lived and how they painted the unique artwork that made them famous. Learn about color blending, brush techniques, and composition by creating a painting each day in the style of a master. Melissa Jackson $155 (member $145) Register

Arts-a-Palooza Gone Wild, July 24-28, 9-Noon, ages 7-10
Spend a week throwing paint (on a canvas), drawing with thread, printing with veggies, sculpting, drawing, and more. Learn about modern art, too, using a variety of media like paint, ink, clay, pencil, and pen. Lori Nelson $155 (member $145) Registration closed.  If questions, call 717-334-5006.

Arts-a-Palooza Gone Wild, July 24-28, 1pm – 4pm, ages 7-10

Spend a week throwing paint (on a canvas), drawing with thread, printing with veggies, sculpting, drawing, and more. Learn about modern art, too, using a variety of media like paint, ink, clay, pencil, and pen. Lori Nelson $155 (member $145) Register

Sketchbook Journaling, July 31-August 4, 9-Noon, ages 10-13
Observe and record the world. This unique camp combines drawing and writing to create expressive journal pages with a visual story on every one. You will work with various media and venture outdoors to create Gettysburg sketches. Lisa Chu, $155 (member $145) Register

Create a Super Hero Comic Book, July 31-August 4, 9-Noon, ages 10-13
Quick, Robin, to the Bat Cave! Create your own super hero comic book! Script your story and develop unique panels to support your storyline. Design your hero and villain costumes and decide how they acquired their super powers. Stanley Gilmore $155 (member $145) Register

Watercolor Basics! ages 13-17, July 31-August 2, 1-4 p.m.
It’s summer, so take a dip and have fun in this introductory watercolor class. Mix, paint, and blend. It’s easy, just add water and express yourself. Art pro Steve Bleinberger will have you creating your favorite subjects in no time. Steve Bleinberger, $100 (member $90) Register

Paint like an Artist! August 3-4, 1-4 p.m., ages 13-17
Recreate a famous painting with the grid method used by renowned photographer and painter Chuck Close who reinvigorated the art of portrait painting. Discover the fun of this cool method and become a painter realist. Erica Werntz, $62 (member $56) Register

Drawing Camp, August 14-18, 9-Noon, ages 13-16
Make doodles and drawings look more realistic and three-dimensional when you learn about one and two point perspective. Build skills like observation, composition, and shading; create art inspired by your favorite subjects. Stanley Gilmore, $155 (member $145) Register

Fun behind the Lens Photo Camp! August 14-18, 1-4 pm, ages 11-15
Say cheese! Learn how to take great photos, experiment with composition and expand your camera’s boundaries by using still subjects and class members as models. Camera in hand, you will take a walking field trip, too. Bert Danielson $155 (member $145) Register

Music & Performance:

Sing Together: Youth Choir Camp, June 5-9, 9-Noon, level 1: grade 3-6, level 2: grade 7-9
Love to sing? Develop your voice and learn the basics of how to read music. Bring to life an exciting selection of songs you will perform at week’s end. All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Brent Talbot & Matt Carlson $155 (member $145) Register

Exploring the World of Poetry, June 12-16- 9:30-11:30 a.m., ages 7-11
Unlock the magical language and power of poetry. See your words come to life as you create poems inspired by Japanese Haiku, Tanka, and other styles. You will develop the confidence to perform your own poems and well-known poets. Linda Kulp Trout, $102 (member $93) Registration closed.  If questions, call 717-334-5006.

Let’s Make Music, July 24-28, 1-4 p.m., grades 4 and 5
Learn new songs and create original arrangements with voices and instruments. Experience with an instrument is not necessary, but if you play one, bring it to camp. Additional instruments will be available. Lisa Cadigan, $150 (member $140) Register

Beginner Guitar Camp, June 26-30, 9-12 pm, ages 7-13
Play simple notes and chords in a group setting and discover solid guitar technique and rhythm as you work on popular rock music. Begin to read music, too! You’ll be a rock star by the end of camp concert. Mark Wesling, $150 (member $140) (limited guitars available) Register

Beginner Guitar Camp, June 26-30 with instructor Mark Wesling


Stovetop Flatbreads & Crispbreads, Monday, July 10, 9-Noon, grades 5-7
Working with a buddy and a pail of ingredients, you will learn to roll out super thin crispbreads and flatbreads for your favorite sandwiches and something sweet for fun.
Marc Jalbert, Bakewell Farms, $45 (member $35) Register

Fun with Food, June 12-16, 9:30-11:30 a.m., ages 5-7
Make kid-friendly, delicious foods with Chef Subarna. Each day you’ll learn to make a type of meal like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. On the last day, campers will make their favorite food for parents/family to enjoy together. Subarna Sijapati $120 (member $115) Register

Sweet Treats Baking: Space Theme, June 19-23, 9-Noon, ages 5-8
Bake and decorate desserts and treats as you create edible outer space masterpieces. Journey through the galaxy and make an alien, spaceship, and even your own planet in different types of chocolate, cakes, and icings. Lori Nelson $160 (member $150) Register

Sweet Treat Baking, August 14-18, 9-Noon, ages 9- 14
Bake and decorate desserts and edible treats uniquely yours using a theme that you select. Create spectacular effects by rolling, cutting, and imprinting designs on fondant, candy clay, and more. Work with cakes, icings, and chocolate. Lori Nelson $160 (member $150) Registration closed. If questions, call 717-334-5006.

Global Culinary Adventure, June 26-30, 9:30-Noon, ages 8-11
Discover the world’s cuisine and learn basic cooking techniques and menu creation. Sample chicken kebabs from the Middle East, South American arepa sandwiches, and cannoli from Europe. Prepare and share with parents/family. Subarna Sijapati, $160 (member $150) Register

Putting it All Together: Cooking Camp, July 17-21, 9:30-11:30 am, ages 5-7
Learn to prep, read recipes and “put it all together” in the kitchen as you make delicious, healthy food. Dive into new treats and some tried-and-true recipes as you discover how tasty and fun it is to eat what you make. J’Amy Graham Thomas $120 (member $115) Register

Putting it All Together: Cooking Camp, July 17-21 with instructor J’Amy Thomas.

Kitchen 101, July 24-28, 10-12:30 p.m., ages 8-10
Develop confidence and your inner chef as you learn to prepare fresh food and veggies and put a new spin on your favorite go-to dishes. Add flavor and zest to classics such as chicken quesadilla and experience new dishes too. J’Amy Graham Thomas, $160 (member $150) Register

Kitchen Basics Lockdown, August 7-11, 1-4 p.m. ages 11-14
It’s time to shine in the kitchen as you spend the week baking, cooking, cutting, measuring, and more. Develop your skills as a baker and a chef learning the right way to create show-stopping recipes while developing confidence. J’Amy Graham Thomas, $165 (member $155) Register


Pots for Tots: Wild Things! June 26-30, 9-11:30 am, ages 6-8
Young potters learn beginning hand-building techniques using stoneware clay. Creativity runs wild as your child hand-builds a 4-legged creature (real or imagined) and fantastical beasts using slab, pinch, and coil techniques. Jack Handshaw $150 (member $140) Register

Dirty Hands Pottery: July 10-14, 9-Noon, ages 8-10
Here’s your chance to get dirty with clay as you learn to hand-build all kinds of animals and their dwellings-from creepy critters to the king of the jungle. Create a sun mask, a bird bowl, and more in this adventurous camp. Jack Handshaw $160 (member $150) Register

Throw a Pot! July 31-August 4, 9-Noon, ages 11-14
Learn to “throw” pottery on the potter’s wheel! Mr. Jack will teach you how to create mugs, small bowls, and pots while working at your own pace. Choose cool glaze colors to finish your pieces. Lots of personal attention. Jack Handshaw $170 (member $160) (limited to 6) Registration closed.  If questions, call 717-334-5006.

Throw a Pot! July 31-August 4, 1pm-4pm, ages 11-14
Learn to “throw” pottery on the potter’s wheel! Mr. Jack will teach you how to create mugs, small bowls, and pots while working at your own pace. Choose cool glaze colors to finish your pieces. Lots of personal attention. Jack Handshaw $170 (member $160) (limited to 6) Register

Treasure Island Clay Fun! July 17-21, 9:30-Noon, ages 6-8 Member

Ahoy, matey! Create a clay Treasure Island with imagination and Captain Harley’s guidance. Use pinch, coil and slab techniques plus stamps, and cookie cutters to hand-build palm trees, shark fins, and treasure chests. Harley Weigle, $150 (member $140) Register

Miniature Teapots and Teacups, June 5-9, 1-2:30 p.m., ages 9-12
Create a tiny set of teacups and teapot cozy enough to fit in your hands and be functional, too. Students use clay slab to create the tea set and different materials to decorate it. Enjoy a tea party at the end of camp week. Harley Weigle, $150 (member $140) (limited to 10) Register

Clay Fun at the Beach, June 19-23, 1-4:00 p.m., ages 7-10
Spend the week sculpting your favorite beach scene with a variety of clays. Stoneware, polymer, home-made foam, and paper clay will make your pieces come to life and you’ll feel like you have spent the week at the beach. Lori Nelson, $160 (member $150) Register

Basic Wheel-Throwing: Partner Style,

June 12th-16th with instructor Harley Weigle

Pots for Tots, June 26-30 with instructor Jack Handshaw

Japanese Teapot, July 10-14, 1-4 p.m., ages 12 and up
Create a Japanese teapot and set of cups and start your own tea drinking tradition. You’ll design and sketch out your teapot then create and embellish it to add a unique look. Anyone for tea at the camp party? Harley Weigle, $160 (member $150) (limited to 8) Register

Reinventing the Wheel, July 24-28, 1-4 p.m., ages 12 and up
Review basic techniques then go beyond to make atypical shapes. Experiment with stacking, stretching, and cutting wheel throw forms to create crazy and interesting objects. Previous wheel experience necessary. Harley Weigle, $170 (member $160) (limited to 6) Register

Basic Wheel-Throwing: Partner Style, June 12-16, 1-4 p.m., ages 13-16
This introductory camp combines both solo and partner wheel-throwing. You will enjoy the unique experience of working on the wheel from another perspective as you work together to create amazing pieces. Harley Weigle, $170 (member $160) (limited to 6) Register

Hand-building and Design for Teens, June 19-23, 9:30-12:30 p.m., ages 13-16

**NOTE** The June 19th class will take place at 1p.m.-4p.m. The remainder of the class week will be at the original time.

Explore the endless possibilities of making functional and sculptural forms out of hand-built clay. Create bowls, vases, sculptures, and even jewelry using soft slabs and coils.
Erica Werntz, $160 (member $150) Register

Print, Press & Throw, August 7-11, 9:30-12:30 p.m., ages 11 and up
Learn the basics of throwing on the wheel as you discover unique ways to add interesting textures and designs to your pieces. Experiment with transferring images onto clay, too. Erica Werntz, $170 (member $160) (limited to 6) Register