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Thursday, October 19 at Noon

Churchill’s Favorite Spy

Krystyna Skarbek (who later changed her name to Christine Granville) was a Polish Countess and a fierce patriot who was in Africa with her husband when Hitler invaded Poland. She could not return to Poland before the Poles surrendered, so she offered her services to the British government to coordinate and conduct sabotage and intelligence operations in Nazi-occupied Poland and France.

She was noted for her bravery and quick-thinking under pressure and for rescuing other British secret agents from a Gestapo firing squad. In recognition of this, Britain awarded Krystyna both the George Medal and the Order of the British Empire, and France awarded her the Croix de Guerre. The talk will present details of Krystyna’s life and secret agent career gleaned from three biographies two of which are based on recently declassified British records.

The talk will be presented by David Peters.  David Peters has worked in the US Intelligence Community for 45 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland and was employed as a mathematician at NSA for 36 years, 4 of which he was assigned to CIA. When he retired from NSA he was employed for 9 years as a contractor at CIA. He is an avid reader of history books and his hobbies include hiking and walking. David has lived in Adams County since 2005.