Adams County Arts Council – Supporting the arts in Adams County, PA


Robert C. Hoffman Charitable

Endowment Trust Gallery

The Center offers beautiful exhibition space in the Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Endowment Trust Gallery, Reception Hall, and throughout the building.




Biglerville High School Students

The Biglerville High School art department will be showcasing projects they have been working on since the start of their school year in the Reception Hall during the month of November. The show will feature a variety of different levels and expertise of students work. Lisa Harman, Art Teacher says, “Since it is early in the school year, the students have not had a long time to complete any large pieces.” This show demonstrates how students develop and grow as artists rather than showcasing big final projects.” Harman continues, “Art class is not always about creating amazing final pieces, sometimes it’s just about the journey.”

The photo shown above is a pencil sketch/collage, “I’m not perfect.” by Estephani Martinez, senior at Biglerville High School. The piece explores what it’s like to be viewed as beautiful on the outside when inside you don’t feel very beautiful.



Over 20 ACAC member artists will be displaying their artwork in the Gallery. Selected mediums on display will include pastel, acrylic, oil, photography, mixed media and more. New members and ongoing members will be displaying their artwork for a show that marks the 25th anniversary of the ACAC.

Pictured above is Kendall Hopkin’s piece, ‘Sweet William and Foxtail’.


Mike Tipton


Michael Tipton’s photography, Land and Light, features his flares and reflections collection of pictures of nature taken across America. Michael says, “I love Ansel Adams style of photography and am inspired to create in color what he did in black and white.”