Adams County Arts Council – Supporting the arts in Adams County, PA


MARCH 16, 2018

The student artwork showcase at the Adams County Arts Council is a youthful expression of emotions. Everything I viewed seemed very raw.  This is not surprising, considering the vulnerability and sensitivity that all teenagers have.  Many of the pieces were done by my friends or acquaintances from where I attend school, Gettysburg Area High School.  My peers inspire me with their ability to open up to the world.

Art is the ultimate way to share your innermost feelings without having to say a word.  This is important in a generation where some young people are afraid to speak up.  Art offers an alternative way to be bold.  I noticed a spiritual theme in many of the pieces that resonated with me.  For such a young group of artists, they seem wise beyond their years.  I use art to get in touch with a deeper part of myself, and I can see that they do as well.

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APRIL 11, 2018

This summer the Adams County Arts Council will be providing a variety of different week-long half-day camps for kids. These camps range from activities such as sewing and basketry to creating superhero comic books. The variety of things we offer here at the ACAC ceases to amaze me. I think it’s very important for children to be active over the summer, especially when it comes to stimulating their creativity. Young minds soak up new experiences and information like a sponge, and what better way is there to learn new skills than taking part in hands-on activities like cooking and pottery. When I was younger I was involved in clay sculpting and watercolor camps at the ACAC and thoroughly enjoyed them. These camps offer kids a fun, safe, and enriching environment to explore new mediums, and allow them to get to know the artist within each of them.

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