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Posted on: December 19th, 2017 by Steph H

PICTURED: Osprey baker Linda Krut, Adams Electric’s Manager of Communications/Community Services Duane Kanagy, President Deborah Adamik of Main Street Gettysburg (nonprofit category winner), Adams County Arts Council Executive Director Chris Glatfelter, and Sarah Dutton (amateur baker winner.)

A gingerbread osprey soared to victory at the Annual Gingerbread Celebration, December 1 and 2, at HACC Gettysburg Campus.

Posted on December 14, 2017 by osprey baker Linda Krut

The inspiration for this year’s Adams Electric Cooperative entry was the platform the co-op erected In June 2017 to relocate a pair of ospreys intent on building atop a live utility pole.

The Adams County Public Library has excellent bird books for reference. I crafted the bird from cardboard in the Art Deco style. The feathers were detailed before baking. Eyes, beak and talons were molded from soft candy. The bird’s core is marshmallowed rice cereal covered with royal icing, which I learned about from Melissa Jacoby Thomas at ACAC’s 3rdthursday Brown Bag Lunch Series this November.

The 60-foot post was an impossible challenge. A foot-high pole would have to do. I crafted a cardboard pole and platform to assure size/perspective suitability. Rose Lansing of The Redbud House explained double baking structural gingerbread at last year’s Gingerbread Celebration, so I determined gingerbread biscotti to be the logical choice for the pole and support beams. A core of marshmallowed rice cereal added stability.

The bird, platform, and pole can stand together on their own. The platform and base are free to display cookies for serving. I added candy, pretzels and long twig-like gingerbread cookies to the platform as temporary nesting materials.

Great fun!