Board of Directors 2019-2020

Jane Hyde, Ph.D., President

Wellspan Health, Senior Vice President; Gettysburg Hospital, President. Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.

Holly Purdy, First Vice President

RE/MAX of Gettysburg, Owner, Realtor.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.


Roger Lund, Second Vice President

The Christmas Haus, Owner.  Adams County, New Oxford, PA.


Stuart S. Kravits, Treasurer

IBM and Lockheed Martin, Systems Engineer, retired; Gaithersburg, Maryland Council for the Arts, Past President.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.


Brenda McCabe, Secretary

Retired Information Director, Hoffman Homes for Youth. Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.


Darlene Brown, Past President

Community volunteer, Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce President.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.

Nicole Bucher, Director

Mister Ed’s, owner, Adams County, Orrtanna, PA

Judie Butterfield, Director

Retired; B. S. Ed., Instructional Design, Counseling & Human Development, M.S.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.

Holly Fox, Director

L&H Services Group Inc., Owner; Arts Administration, M.A.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.


Todd A. King, Esq., Director

Salzmann Hughes P.C., Attorney.  Adams County, East Berlin, PA.

Pauline LeVan, Director

Business owner, Adams County, Gettysburg, PA.


Danny Sebright, Director

U.S. – U.A.E. Business Council, President. Washington D.C.


Cassondra Selby, Director

Realtor, Adams County, Gettysburg, PA


Dan Urban, Director

Dan Urban Designs, Owner.  Adams County, Gettysburg, PA