In the Gallery

Europe Reimagined

Dan Mangan

Street photography has always appealed to me: picturing people in public places, their moments in frozen in time. This exercise is by definition a hit-or-miss proposition.  After all, such photographs attempt to record ephemeral human behavior which may be here one moment, then gone the next. So here I present ordinary people of all ages, caught unawares in the act of being human — something we all (or hopefully most of us) can relate to.

The images are from four countries visited in recent years: England, France, Scotland, and Italy. The English, even with their myriad idiosyncrasies, may be more familiar to their American cousins … the French and their panache, perhaps more intriguing and complex … the Scots, perhaps more eccentric, outspoken, and proud.

But in my experience, the Italians hold the edge in photographic potential –in part due to their inborn tendency to express themselves con grande passione. After all, they speak not only with their tongues — but also with their hands!  This … the camera loves.  Accordingly, there are more photographs here from Italy than elsewhere.

As with all of my work across a number of genres, I aim to blur the space between photography and painting – blending form, light, and shadow into an image which to me offers the best possible visual appeal. My intent simply is to reflect in photographic form a lifelong, deeply felt sense of curiosity.  Little else piques that curiosity more than do members of my own species in their natural habitat.