In the Reception Hall

Lisa McLeod-Simmons

I am a freelance photographer in the Washington, DC-Baltimore metro area and the owner of Simmons Photography. My camera and I roam up and down the East Coast of the US, ever searching for that perfect light and shadow, the angles of architecture, the curves of nature, and the resonance of color and texture.
My interest in photography began with my father’s old German Leica camera that he brought home from his service in the US Army, stationed in Germany. He was generous and kind with both his time and his camera, teaching me the technical aspects of aperture, shutter speed, and the light meter. And as an engineer, he gave me his eye for details, angles and perspectives, and the optics of photography, light and shadow.
I developed my interest in architectural and landscape photography during the time I traveled around Europe and especially after I moved to England. After college, I worked for several years as a journalist/photographer, where my camera skills continued to mature as I discovered street photography and honed my darkroom skills.

After returning to university to complete a Master’s and Ph.D, I moved to perhaps one of the most aesthetically spectacular states in the US, West Virginia (yes, West Virginia), with its sublimely ancient mountains that date back 480 million years. From the craggy outcroppings of Seneca Rocks to the pristine highlands Canaan Valley to the rocky depths of the New River Gorge, this state is a landscape photographer’s dream.

For the next few years, I taught in my chosen field of Politics, spent weekends hiking and kayaking West Virginia’s mountains and rivers, and vacationed along the South Carolina coast, a state with charming seaside towns with still well-preserved Gullah culture around Charleston and on some of the barrier islands, such as Edisto Island. Most recently, I’ve added astrophotography to my expanding imaging interests.

And in 2017, I finally opened my own Photography business, Simmons Photography. Trained over many years in the technical aspects of photography, I’m also Adobe trained in Photoshop, Lightroom, Visual Design, and WorkFlow.