In the Studio

John Armstrong, originally from Silver Spring Md. has lived happily in the richly diverse artistic community and beautiful surroundings of Adams County for the past 50 years. He studied art and art history at Gettysburg College with Norman Annis and Ingolf Qually, learning a good deal more than was apparent at the time. Over the years he has worked in a variety of media, usually somewhere near the border between abstraction and realism. About 15 years ago he lucked into photojournalism career with the Gettysburg Times, serving what was essentially an apprenticeship with pros like Bill Schwartz and Darryl Wheeler. He has focused on local landscape, sports, and people and events connected with area history- reenactments, parades and the like. He is happy to show a retrospective set of works at the Adams County Arts Council, a wonderful space created by wonderful people.