Afghan Lunch, Tuesday, March 5, Noon – 1:30, $21/$24

Enjoy the savory, traditional flavors of Afghanistan while learning the story of our Afghan refugee neighbors.

For lunch, you’ll be served a sampling of traditional Afghan savory dishes, featuring homemade Afghan masala, featuring a blend of warm Middle Eastern spices. Here are some dishes you’ll sample:

  • Kofta – ground beef, onion, green pepper, and masala;
  • Chicken Biryani – Basmati rice with chicken, garlic and masala;
  • Boraani Banjan – eggplant, yogurt, tomato, and olive oil;
  • Kabob – ground beef, onion, cilantro, onion leaves and masala;
  • Kabuli Pulao- basmati rice, lamb and masala.

And, for dessert, delight in Shir Berenj, a creamy dessert made with rice, milk, sugar and cardamom.

The above will be served with homemade naan, tea, salad and/or fruit.