Beginner Night Club 2-Step,

Mondays, April 3-24, 6-6:55 p.m.

Night Club Two Step was developed in the 1960’s as a slow dance option for romantic ballads. It is a beautiful smooth country dance  different from the country 2 step. A unique characteristic of this dance is that it uses the whole dance floor as opposed to being danced on a line. World Champion dancer and teacher, Dawn Garrish, will teach you the basics of this elegant and fun dance.  We will start from the basic and add each week. Going over the timing, rhythm and footwork.  We will go over techniques on how to make it look smooth and graceful.   This dance is mostly done to slow ballads but can be done to different speeds of music.  *No partner needed just a fun and open attitude!* Dawn Garrish, $80 ($88)