Dine & Design: A Meal Prep Experience, Friday, April 12, 5:30 p.m., maximum of 6

Join a culinary adventure where you sharpen your cooking skills and revel in the productivity of community cooking. In our small group, each participant takes charge of creating a couple of nutrient-packed dishes using provided recipes and ingredients. Beyond the cooking hustle, we’ll team up and share meal preparation tasks.  The best part? Prepping in bulk cuts the cost per serving, so you’re leaving with a solid stash of 10 meals. No frills, just a practical and flavorful community cooking experience that lets you flex your skills, boost productivity, and enjoy good company!  This event is BYOB encouraged. Light snacks included.

Lori McCullough, $75 ($82)

The five meals for two include:

Meatloaf with roasted sweet potatoes and peas

Ramen cabbage salad and shredded chicken

Thai Turkey meatballs with pineapple rice

Chipotle honey chicken and quinoa, black bean, and sweet potato salad

Beef tips and caramelized carrots