In the Kitchen with Elizabeth & Marty: Southern Italian Pizza, Friday, July 14,  6 p.m.  maximum of 6

Making your own pizza at home is easy with a little practice. Wow your family and guests by learning to make a Neapolitan pizza in a setting that is fun and relaxed.  The thin crust pizza is the basis for the classic Margherita pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese.  This is an incredible opportunity to experience the art of pizza making in the beautiful home of Elizabeth Meigan & Marty Qually as they show you step by step how to make the dough and toppings including a family favorite: arugula and prosciutto. Wine and snacks provided, and of course, the pizza! Deliziosa! Elizabeth Meighan, Marty Qually,  recipes included, $75, $85

Thank you Marty and Elizabeth for donating the dinner, your time and your lovely home to our guests and to the ACAC!