Painting Chakra Art, Thursday, May 9, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

This class will guide students through an immersive learning experience to explore the aspects and benefits of the energetic centers known as Chakras.  There will be a quick intro then students will dive right in to making their art.  We will spend ten minutes on each chakra.  During the ten minutes students will use the water color supplies made available to them to create an artistic representation of what that chakra center is to them.  Detailed explanations, images, music and sound will be used to help the students experience the aspects of each chakra as they create their piece.  Towards the end of the class the students will assemble all 7 pieces of art into one cohesive banner. Katrina Dill, $36 ($40)


5 pieces of 9×12 watercolor sheets/papers …prefer these to be cut in half to become 10 pieces of 9×6 – prefer cold press or rough press (not smooth)

7 water colors – violet, blue, teal, green yellow, orange, red – prefer tube, may be cake

1-3 different paintbrush sizes, maybe some sponges


rinse cup – at least one for every 2 students

soft or medium pencil and eraser – 1/student

hole punch

ribbon – approx. 3′ per student – prefer white or various colors

papertowels for clean up


Katrina Dill

bio and background – I am a Medical Qigong Practitioner and founder of Yes to Holistic Health.  It is my hope to raise awareness of the benefits of holistic health and assist people with their journey to achieve overall wellness and wellbeing.  My own journey used holistic health benefits and Qigong practices to overcome PTSD, stomach problems and a debilitating back injury.  I have also mentored and provided life coaching to at risk youth for ten years, often using art therapy exercises.  I live in Fayetteville and enjoy exploring various art forms and outdoor activities available in this area.  This year I won first place for my mixed media art exhibit at the PA State Farm Show.