Painting with Acrylics or Oils, Wednesdays, March 29-May 3, 10-12:30 p.m.

This class is for any student who is interested in developing their painting skills.  The instructor will help you translate your vision to canvas. All the basics of painting will be covered.  You will learn how to organize a color palette, mix colors, use different brushes, palette knives and mediums.  The emphasis will be on creating a pleasing composition using the elements and principles of design.  Techniques such as toning, glazing, scumbling and negative painting will also be explored.  This class is appropriate for all skill levels.  Students will use their own reference photos or work from still life objects set up in the classroom.  The instructor will demonstrate painting techniques and will work with students at their individual pace and level. Materials list provided. Anita Murphy Williams, $160 ($175)