The Art of Making a Kokedama Ball, Thursday, October 12, 6-7:30 p.m.

Kokedama, or “moss ball”, is an ancient Japanese art form, emerging over 500 years ago, that is derived from the practice of the Nearai bonsai method.  Plants grown so compact and tightly that, when removed from a container, they still hold well-grown roots and soil, forming a compact ball. It was as a simple, and affordable way for people to enjoy the tranquility of a Japanese garden in their homes. You will get messy as you mix, mold and wrap your materials into your very own kokedama ball.  A glass of wine is included.  The Sagebrush Shack, $41 ($45 nonmember)

The lack of man-made pots surrounding the plant mimics the natural environments in which plants grow and embodies the idea of mother nature being self-sufficient.