House #1 Gingberbread Farmscape

By Bantam Coffee Roasters

Step into the heartwarming world of the Gingerbread Farmhouse. A pink gingerbread barn where happy gingerbread animals frolic. Look closely, and you’ll spot a whimsical sight – a Santa-hat-wearing piglet standing guard, adding a sprinkle of festive cheer. 

Adjacent to the farmhouse, a gingerbread livestock trailer with edible wheels awaits its sugary cargo. The scene is complete with ice cream cone trees, creating a winter wonderland around this charming gingerbread farm. 

House #2 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

By Dawn Bollinger 

Step into the enchanting gingerbread world of the The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, a sugary dwelling that echoes the classic tale.  

“Where’s the little old lady?” Keep a keen eye out for the tiny candy children scattered throughout – how many can you find, each a sweet inhabitant of this whimsical shoe-shaped abode? And lo and behold, a huge snowman and “Oh, no!” you might see mischievous kids attempt a daring escape. The sugary drama unfold in this delightful saga.  

#3 Little Cabin in the Woods

By Garry Bollinger

Step inside the Little Cabin in the Woods where a sugary spectacle unfolds amidst a winter wonderland. See the snowman surveying the snowy terrain, looking over a slightly spooky landscape adorned with candy. Keeping the residents dry inside is a Necco thatched roof.

Welcome to a winter haven where every detail is as sweet as the first snowfall! 

#4: Gingerbread (Taylor’s Version)

By Sarah and Abby Dutton/GenG 

Can you find all the Easter Eggs? 

In the realm of gingerbread, sweet and divine, Taylor’s world unfolds in a sugary line.
“Fearless” whispers tales of timeless delight,
As “Speak Now” weaves lyrics, a melodic flight.

“Red” paints the scene with hues so bold.
A pop landscape in “1989” unfolds.
In cozy corners, “Folklore” softly sings,
And “Evermore” echoes on sugary wings.

Savor the delights of gingerbread dreams, Anticipation rises, or so it seems.
“Please DROP Reputation,” we say.
In the whimsical “Lover House,” where dreams find their way. 

#5 Keystone Health Agricultural Worker Program

By Melanie Finkenbinder, Grant Meckley, Maria Perez, Jennifer Perez Rivera, and Tania Alvarez

A glorious tribute to our agricultural workers.  An apple farm complete with apple bins, pretzel picking ladders, and a farmhouse adorned with creative pecans for the roof, sunflower seeds siding, and a welcoming sage wreath on the front door. This is not your typical gingerbread; these Christmas Trees smell like fragrant rosemary instead of pine! 

#6 Strawberry Hill

By Anne Gageby, Dan Brannen, Theo Gageby, Amanda Markle, and Tambi Drees

A quaint chalet nestled among four sugary, sprinkled Christmas Trees. The delicious house stands atop a fitting keystone sloped foundation and includes chocolatey stepping stones to the warm, mouthwatering inside.  

#7 Historic Meade School

By Emily Harte and Pete Bender

You may recognize the festive rendering of Meade School circa 1950 dressed up for the Holidays! Delight in the festive spirit with this gingerbread masterpiece, a sweet homage to the past. The gingerbread structure replicates a charming red-brick school with remarkable accuracy. Adorned with fondant snowmen and Christmas trees, this edible creation transports you to a winter wonderland, capturing the essence of holiday joy with every delicious detail. 

#8 Langville Family and Friends

A lively and colorful residence featuring radiant fluorescent frosting that illuminates the exterior. The walls are intricately adorned with an array of vibrant candies and frosting, creating a visually delightful mosaic. The landscape is dotted with an abundance of marshmallows, enhancing the overall sweetness of the scene. Completing the fun-filled structure, full ice cream cones stand tall atop, adding a playful and delicious touch to this sugary masterpiece.

#9 Gingerbread Chinese Checkers

By Get to the Point

Here is Gingerbread Chinese Checkers, where a sugary game board awaits your sweetest moves. A delightful checkerboard crafted from gingerbread, each square a delicious canvas for your gumdrop game pieces. Bright and colorful, these gumdrops stand ready to embark on a journey across the sugary landscape. 

In the heart of this confectionery masterpiece, a charming gingerbread dragon guarding the center of the board.  

This Gingerbread Chinese Checkers board is not just a game – it’s a sweet adventure where every hop is a nibble and every strategy is as delicious as the next.  

#10 The Leg Lamps

by Michelle and Paul Sneath

Step into this gingerbread colonial Cape Cod featuring a foundation crafted of mini pretzels as multicolor candy stones adorn the bottom of the entire house. Wood shaker shingles made of wheat thins cover the structure. A Raisinets chimney rounds out the structure. This culinary creation combines textures for a delightful architectural treat! 

#11 Snakes Alive!

By Joanne Myers, Oona Winzeler, Jane Winzeler 

A giant red rattlesnake destroys the festive barn and scaring Santa away from his sleigh. But you won’t want to leave the sugary landscape left behind. Rice Krispie wreaths and turtles swimming in candy ponds are irresistible.  

#12 Baking Spirits Bright

By Judy Morley, Gettysburg Cookie Company 

Lights and color represent the excitement of the tastes [predicted by the busy bakers at Gettysburg Cookie Co]. “Baking Spirits Bright” is a festive scene of three charming structures adorned with intricate piping work. The roofs are lined with vibrant gumdrops and peppermint wreaths. Outside, candy Christmas trees add an extra layer of sweetness to this delightful sugary village. 

#13 Sweet Sugar Hotel

By the McCullough Family

Behold the McCulloughs’ whimsical entry- a confectionery masterpiece they’ve affectionately dubbed Sweet Sugar Hotel as they attempted to recreate the Hotel Gettysburg in Gingerbread! 

As you step into the gingerbread wonderland, see the pure scope of the gingerbread pieces adorned with snowmen heralding peace and joy with stairs crafted entirely from Twix bars-because why settle for ordinary stairs when you can have caramel-filled stairs!

#14 Gingerbread Schematic

by ACAC Staff

Who needs blueprints when you have gingerbread prints? Welcome to the Arts Council’s architectural rendering. Jelly Belly stones set in royal icing, licorice strings gracefully hold gumdrop lights, our whimsical attempt at structural elegance. 

And those Jolly Rancher windows? They may not keep the cold out, but they are certainly yummy. 

So, step into our whimsical world, where the blueprints are made of gingerbread dreams, and construction chaos encourages an occasional sugar-induced high! 

Notice the Gingerbread Staff waving hello as they line up outside.