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Encouragement Award

The Encouragement Award was created by a donor who wanted to support and honor creativity and a-ha moments demonstrated by selected summer camp students ages eight to fifteen who completed at least one full week of the Adams County Arts Council summer camps. Students who were nominated by their instructor demonstrated artistic and creative excellence in their exploration of their chosen art theme and medium. Of the twenty-four students nominated, five were chosen as encouragement award winners earning a cash prize, as well.

Nominees: Aishani Chauhan, Annabel Fredericks, Ben Stone, Blayne Miller, Caleb Sellers, Callie Yardley-Gontz, C C Lebon, Charlette Moreno, Ellie Frey, Ellie Yost, Gia Sabato, Graham Thomas, Jeffrey Luo, Kendal Sease, Kennedy Mitchell, Liam Colbert, Lily Fontaine, Mae Travis, Maya Reinhart-Mitchell, Mina Gibson, Nas Kalathas, Ramona Suehr, Ruby Lancaster, Ruth Worley, Sammie Jones, Sarah Beeman, Sasha Aviles, Shayla Livesay, Sia Kalathas, Stella Coldsmith, and William Yardley-Gontz.

Winners: Jeffrey Luo, Kendal Sease, Ruby Lancaster, Sammie Jones, and Sia Kalathas.