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Rachel Beadon

Art collection

Grade- 12th grade

School-Freedom Christian Schools Gettysburg P.A.

My name is Rachel Beadon and I have entered a few of my favorite paintings into the ACAC art gallery. I Enjoy making vivid landscapes portraying God’s world. Rolling hills, distant cities and beautiful creatures have run through my mind as I paint, waiting eagerly for me to give them a form for others to see. Not all of my paintings are original (the red fish, and a couple sitting in a tree) but most of them are.When I see a picture created by someone else it is a challenge for me to try and become a better painter so that I can bring more justice to the human replication of a glorious design. I thank the ACAC for allowing me to display my art and Wendy Heiges for making it happen.

Collection title- Art in nature

About the Collection

  1. All of these paintings focus on nature and landscapes. A running theme is the glory of God in the world and his creation.
  2. My collection is all painted, because painting is my favorite form of art.
  3. I like to use vivid colors to portray an image, bringing out the joy in the world( for the savior reigns). 
  4. Of all the forms of art I’ve tried painting landscapes has been some of my best pieces and I am glad to be able to share them.