Join us over the lunch hour as our speakers give their presentations. Please feel free to pack a lunch or bring takeout to enjoy!

Program on May 18, 2023

At the AECenter

Lessons Learned from The People Project 2022

Join us for lunch for the final Third Thursday program of the season, featuring People Project participants Lisa Cadigan, Michael Allwein, Kim Robinson, Christian Parker, and Bermudian Springs High School art students Rae Chapman, Rose Guillemete, and Molly Karom, who will share their work and experiences with this community collaborative storytelling, art, and music project. Lunch provided by ACAC and prepared by Harry McCullough. Spaces are limited, so please RSVP by May 15.

Buffet Menu

Black bean /Avocado Wraps

Chicken/Brie/Green Apple with Honey  Mustard Sandwich

Mediterranean Green Salad

Lemon Herbed Orzo Salad


Puffed Pastry Strawberry Shortcakes

Old Fashioned Brownies


Ice Tea