Nanette Hatzes

Dr. Nanette Hatzes was born April 27, 1952 and passed away on Oct. 2, 2020.  Nanette was a beloved artistic creative powerhouse with an artistic career that spanned 40 years.  She was known by many locally as the mother of “The Goddess Project,” “The Art Attack,” and “Project Burundi.” Her most recently finished book, a memoir of her life through her years of journaling and doodling, was just published.

She worked in many mediums including pen and ink drawings created in the 1970’s, mixed media, oil pastels, oil on canvas, goddess 1 and 2 portraits, and photography. Her work is emotional, colorful, and highly personal.  She loved to journal, and several her works featured combines the written word with her painted and drawn images. She was a prolific and inventive multimedia artist who enjoyed sharing her rich and varied experiences throughout her life.

The Adams County Arts Council is raising funds to establish the Nan Hatzes Art Education Grant with the mission of contributing to our arts-rich community by awarding funds to secondary students who want to continue their art education.