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Rock Creek Revealed

Andrew Muenzfeld

I’ve had an interest in photography going back to the late 1970s when I worked exclusively in black and white and had a dark room. Retirement afforded me the time to refresh my interest and improve my skills. I enjoy taking all sorts of photos but my primary interest is in landscape photography. In the past few years, I’ve traveled around in search of interesting landscapes, but I also enthusiastically explore local subjects such as the battlefield, farms, orchards and buildings.

The idea for the photos in this exhibit grew out of a walk on a foggy early morning in the fall of 2020. I stopped at a point along Rock Creek and took a single image. I decided I liked the shot and thought there must be other scenic spots along the creek. Over the next 2 years, I compiled the photos displayed here.

While grand vistas can make great photographs, I enjoy looking for visually interesting small scenes hidden inside the larger one. I like those small scenes to be filled with elements that invite the viewer to explore the image for particular bits that catch their eye.

Most people these days view their photos solely on a screen and they don’t realize how much better their photos can look when printed. Among the many printing options now available, I prefer framing printed photographs. I do all my own framing, usually using frames that I’ve purchased from thrift shops, refurbished and painted. One of the small pleasures in doing so is to come upon evidence of the origin of the frame to which you are giving a new life.

I hope you enjoy these images.