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In January


What does it mean to be entitled? Or unentitled?

What does it mean to be deemed unqualified and ineligible for benefits or consideration in a society that gives privileges to some but not others? On what condition(s) is this privilege or non-privileged based?

All of us experience life through a unique lens, sometimes having layers of experience that grant us privilege at times and at other times cancel it out.

Living in the US while Black, LGBTQIA+, poor, female, non-Christian, differently-abled, or any other marginalized or demonized group can be challenging.

Our job as artists is to say something about our human experience. We ask questions, hold the signposts, and point in the direction society is going. Our goal is to highlight our own unique experiences and observations and show others that they’re not alone. Our task is to acknowledge that our social system has multiple layers of stratification, enabling some more readily than others.

We first acknowledge that living the life of an artist and having access to the art world is also a great privilege – and a responsibility.

All the artists in this show worked with a fellow collaborator to create a piece reflecting each artist’s human and creative experience.

Together, the artists broadened their skill set and learned from each other’s philosophical and technical abilities. We found that collaboration promotes growth, understanding, and empathy.

What are your challenges?