Pastel Expressive Color Workshop, Friday, October 11, Saturday, October 12, 9:30-4 p.m.

Discover how to see beyond the obvious within the landscape, and use expressive color to capture the essence of mood and light in the earth, water, and sky. You will learn to see the depth of color and create a unique and personally expressive painting in this relaxed and upbeat class experience.

Susan Nicholas’ fifty plus years of studio to plein air painting will lead you to your personal color expression in pastel painting. Her goal is to connect to you and inspire creativeness each day. You will learn tips and tricks along with the basics of preparing for a fun and successful painting.

Susan will begin with a short inspirational demonstration each morning designed to kick-start you into the creative spirit and prepare you for your next pastel painting. During your personal painting time, Susan will support each artist at their easel.

Susan encourages each artist to contact her and share their personal goals, and two images of your work of your art. This workshop demonstrations will be designed based on the attending artist’s responses. NOTE: Instructor works in all mediums and welcomes new to pastel artists.  Susan Nicholas Gephart, $250 ($275)

Please email Susan before the October workshop. [email protected]

Important Items to bring:

·         Photos for references to use in your pastel painting subject.

·         Personal lunch and water bottle

·         Cover for your personal pastel painting area.

Suggested Pastel Supply List:

  • Easel –
  • Sketchbook, pencil, and eraser, color wheel
  • Pastels: A variety of soft and hard pastels in many colors
  • Mounting Board: Fome Core, Gator Board, or traditional board
  • Surfaces to pastel paint on-Or Anything you use already
  • Brushes that can handle blending on sandpaper in a range of sizes. (Susan will loan brushes if needed)
  • Watercolors if you own them (Susan will have some to share)
  • Necessities:
    • Masking Tape (not colored)
    • Ruler
    • Hand-wipes