Adams County Arts Council Selects Warehaus for Facade and Roof Redesign

Adams County Arts Council Selects Warehaus for Facade and Roof Redesign


The Adams County Arts Council (ACAC) has selected Warehaus, a York-based architecture and engineering firm, to redesign the front facade and roof of the Arts Education Center (AEC) located at 125 S. Washington St. The redesign is necessary due to issues with an internal gutter system that resulted in significant water damage to the façade and interior of the building.

ACAC sought out firms with a strong history of community-based design and innovative approaches to space utilization, and Warehaus demonstrated a deep understanding of the ACAC’s mission and vision for the future of the arts in Adams County. Warehaus recently completed a renovation project at the Gettysburg Armory.

“We are thrilled to partner with Warehaus to renovate the façade and roof of our Arts Education Center,” said Lisa Cadigan, Executive Director of the Adams County Arts Council. “Erin Himmelberger and her team impressed us with their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to quality work, while remaining mindful of the budget constraints of our nonprofit organization. We are confident that their work will address the necessary repairs while creating an aesthetic that reflects the creativity, connection, and high-quality arts programming we provide for Adams County.”

The redesign of the AEC’s facade and roof is critical to ACAC’s ability to provide access to the arts at a facility that is safe and welcoming. ACAC provides a wide range of services, including art classes, exhibitions, culinary events, and other programs.

“We are honored to have been selected by the ACAC for this important project,” said Erin Himmelberger, Warehaus’ Architectural Lead. “The arts are an essential part of any community, and we are excited to be a part of this effort to create a space that celebrates the arts and the people of Adams County, while addressing the recent challenges of the building.”

ACAC will begin the Request for Proposals (RFP) process in coming weeks to select a qualified contractor to partner with Warehaus to complete the project. The goal is to schedule construction to begin in the fall of 2023.

This project is funded by the Adams Rescue and Recovery Fund (ARRF), the Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Endowment Trust, the J. William Warehime Foundation, and Sharon Magraw. ACAC is accepting donations to ensure completion of the project.

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The mission of the Adams County Arts Council is to cultivate an arts-rich community.