Introduction to Writing Fiction, Wednesdays, May 8-29, 6-8 p.m.

First and foremost, fiction is fabrication. When we write fiction, we are making stuff up. But where does the “stuff” come from? How do writers come up with complex characters, vivid settings, intricate plots, and dynamic scenes? In this class, we will examine the basic concepts of fiction writing, we will discuss some short works by successful writers, and most importantly, we will focus on the process of invention, trying our hand at creating and developing the stories that lie within us. Rachele Salvini, $95 ($105)

Rachele Salvini is a  faculty member at Gettysburg College. She teaches creative writing, with a particular emphasis on fiction and creative nonfiction. She recently took a class at the Adams County Arts Council and found the environment extremely inspiring and wanted to share her love of teaching with the community.  She believes writing to be a profound form of healing.