Learn to Play the Violin, Mondays, April 1-May 20, 10-11:30 a.m.

Do you love the way that the sound of the Violin can relay a message thru emotions, and positively influence the atmosphere? Did you think it was too late to learn how to play the Violin? Instructor, Donna Spicer,  is thrilled to inform you that it is NEVER TOO LATE to learn how to play the Violin!

For your recreational pleasure, this eight week curriculum is a fun, interactive way to learn how to read and play music using traditional and innovative teaching methods.  Within two 60-90 minute sessions, you will play every note in the first hand position on every string, harmonize with your classmates, and make joyful music together. Don’t let age stop you from pursuing your passion to play the Violin. Embrace the opportunity to learn and play along with others. Join Us!  Donna Spicer, $156 ($170 nonmember)

Suggested place to rent or buy a Violin, and purchase Books:

Hershey Violins

11 West Main Street

Mechanicsburg, 17055

Books To Purshase

– All For Strings Theory, Book 1

– All For Strings Comprehensive, Book 1

Purchase  Books Online




Purchase Books In Person

-Hershey Violins

11 West Main Street

Mechanicsburg, 17055

-Most nearby music stores (call and inquire if book is in stock)